Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

Many limestones are composed from skeletal fragments of marine organisms such as coral or foraminifera.

Limestone makes up about 10% of the total volume of all sedimentary rocks.

The solubility of limestone in water and weak acid solutions leads to karst landscapes, in which water erodes the limestone over thousands to millions of years. Most cave systems are through limestone bedrock.
Limestone has numerous uses: as a building material, as aggregate for the base of roads, as white pigment or filler in products such as toothpaste or paints, and as a chemical feedstock.

Limestone floor and wall tiles bring a unique luxury to homes. The visuals add warmth and timeless characters to interiors and guarantee a breathtaking finish with all types. Penrith Tile Centre displays an array of limestone tiles of the very highest quality. The natural stone tiles are available in a range of different colours, tones, textures, honed, polished, tumbled, antiqued, chipped and distressed. " Take a piece of the past, then make it a natural part of your future........
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