Restoration Services

4 August 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

As we approached this important Centenary, people of all ages throughout the United Kingdom where reflecting on the events of the First World War.

With activities and celebrations scheduled right up until the end of the war in 2018, now is the time to make sure Eden's war memorials are looking their best for the occasion. The right care and attention now will mean that our memorials and monuments will continue to honour the brave for generations to come.

Conservation and restoring your local war memorial.

At the Eden Stone Emporium in Penrith, we have a passion for natural stone and over 10 years’ experience in the restoration and conservation of exterior stone.

We recently completed the restoration of the memorial at Eden Hall and are currently facilitating the work on the memorial in Langwathby.

Our deep clean and reseal will give new life to any memorial that is showing signs of age, but if your monument is suffering a bit more wear and tear, we can do that too.

Due the significance of this special occasion, there is funding available to help groups and communities do what is needed to secure the future of their monuments.

If you would like to discuss any proposals for the conservation of your war memorial or monument, please feel free to speak to us at the Eden Stone Emporium, we can explore what options are available and assist you in the application of your grant.

We can honestly say that this restoration on the Langwathby memorial was a pinnacle moment for us enabling the column being reset after a road traffic accident in 2014.

We carry out internal restorations on all types of stone using machinery to clean with eco friendly products, then sealed with specific sealers for the specific stone type. Normal processes are usually no more than three days on site. With all internal restorations, free bottles of cleaners are left to maintain seals and keep floors, hearths, fire surrounds, garden features or any other type inside or out looking their best.