FILA Stonecare

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When purchasing any natural stone tiles it is very important that you seal and maintain your stone to give them protection against every day potential accidents, either that being coffee spillages, red wine or grease & dirt. When using Fila Stonecare products Sealants you are guaranteeing that your natural stone keeps its everlasting beauty. With many of our natural stones you can create different finishes with seals. Most commonly the FilaW68 protector is used on unpolished slate, limestone, sandstone, terracotta & travertine. FilaW68 will not alter the appearance of the tile. FilaWet can lift the character and intensify the colour which brings out colour variations in unpolished stones.

Stone cleaners are recommended with purchases of sealants to elongate seals, clean stone where has some cleaning products would not achieve the same results. Dilution of stone cleaners can give up to 250 washes on floors and walls making the purchase a cheaper alternative and the right product to be using on your stone surfaces. Specialist products are supplied for problematic deep staining, concrete & salt build up, efflorescence, algae & moss.

We specify products required to Clean - Seal - Maintain on all natural stone surfaces as standard when choosing your stone of choice giving you confidence to create your ideal stone surface.

With all purchases on these products we supply product support sheets as reference and offer full support when fitting natural stone for yourself or your fitter. You can leave a message through contact page and we will reply within the hour of receiving 7 days a week between the hours from 9 - 5. Our research visiting factories in Italy have found that the correct steps in processes are key to finishing natural stone surfaces that we fully support.

If you would like to speak to us about restoring any natural stone surfaces, we can visit your home to discuss your options, then carry out all the work that may be required using specialist stone cleaners and sealers. Over the years we have achieved some fantastic results on various types of sandstone, slate, limestone & grouts.